Frequently Asked Questions

Q:  Why do I need bartending school?

A:  To be a professional bartender you don't need to just memorize drink recipes.  Bartenders need to know the proper techniques to prepare cocktails, interact with customers, handle difficult situations, operate cash registers, maintain beer and soda systems, and most important learn to serve alcohol responsibly.  
Q: Can I just Learn On-line or Out of a Book?
A: Learning to bartend on-line or out of  a book at home, is like learning to ride a bike without a bike.  Any person can go buy a book full of drink recipes at any book store, but to truly be a professional bartender, you must learn with hands-on training.
Q:  Do you use real liquor?
A:  No, we use colored liquids that resemble the exact color and consistency of the ingredients being used.
Q:  How do you know the drinks are made properly if you don't use real liquor?
A:  The ingredients in all recipes are carefully measured to insure consistency, just like a real bar. 
Q:  How do I learn if I'm not at a real bar?
A:  Our facility is set up exactly like a cocktail lounge.  All components of the bar are fully operational including soda guns, blenders, cash register,  ice machine, bottle openers  and sound  system. The only thing we're missing  is the town drunk.
Q: How do I remember all the drinks?
A:  Nobody can remember all the recipes.  Our easy to follow class structure is designed to make learning recipes simple and fun.  Our study manual is designed to double as a recipe index to make finding recipes quick and easy.
Q:  What happens if I don't learn everything in 1 or 2 weeks?
A:  Graduates of our school  represent us.  We are committed to keeping our reputation as the top  bartending school on Long Island.  Our staff is dedicated to working with each and every student until they feel comfortable enough to bartend on their own. 
Q:  What happens if I miss a class?
A:  We offer makeup classes on Saturdays.  If  Saturdays aren't convenient our staff will work out a more suitable time to makeup any classes that were missed.
Q:  What if my schedule conflicts with the class times?
A:  Special schedules are available.  We will work with you to fit us into your busy schedule.
Q:  After I graduate, how long does it take to get a bartending job?
A:  It depends on your motivation.  Job placement starts the day you graduate.  Some of our students begin lining up jobs while they are still in class. 
Q:  Can I use your job placement more than once?
A:  Graduates of New York Bartending Academy are welcome to use our job placement service as often as needed.  If you aren't comfortable at your present job you can always use the job placement service to find a new one.
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