Our Newly Updated  School is set up exactly like a real Bar or Night Club !!  The only way to learn Bartending is HANDS ON ! Your Classroom is a 35 foot bar with 5 fully operational stations  complete with Cash Register, Jukebox, Simulated Liquor Bottles, Soda System, Ice Machine, Blenders, Mixing tools everything you need to learn MIXOLOGY.  The only  thing missing is the town drunk !!!

                                              Credit hours

Drink preparation, Practice and presentation                 24 hours

Customer service and Working the shift                         8 hours

Product knowledge and inventory                                 4 hours
Bar setup and Proper pouring                                       1 hours

Job search skills                                                        2 hours

Opening and closing establishment                                1 hours

Total                                                                      40 hours

At New York Academy of Bartending you learn from our experience !!  We have been in the business since 1992.. We make the class fun and exciting !  Your study manual (Included in Tuition) will also serve as your recipe guide. you will learn Bar Set up, Pouring and Technique.  Once you have that down we will show you step by step how to make  over 200 of the most popular Cocktails, Shots and Shooters, Wine Basics,  and Pouring Draft Beers.

We will give you a comprehensive understanding of the different types of liquors and the brand names associated with them. 

Behind the Scenes Knowledge, Customer Service, Cash Handling and  end of shift reconciliation. Dealing with a guest that has over indulged (TIPS TRAINING)

Prior to completing the class you will have the opportunity to work your first shift in a REAL BAR, Serving Real Drinks to Real Guests !!  We are there right behind the bar with you every step of the way.  And best of all : You get to Keep your TIP$

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Feel free to contact us anytime with questions or for more information.  Schedule an appointment to come and meet us, or even sit in on a class for FREE With no obligation !!
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